About our company & our partners

My Clinical Server

An American Clinical Group company

My Clinical Server is a hosting company totally devoted to the technical support of health & wellness professionals and their organizations. Our focus is on helping you grow your practice, your clinical center, your non-profit organization. We offer products, services and support designed specifically for HIPAA compliance, data protection, data storage and web applications.

Agency Partners

My Clinical Site | My Clinical Praxis

We work in close partnership with our colleagues at My Clinical Site, a company that offers websites built on WordPress and the Enfold Theme, the easiest editor you’ll ever try. We closely customize our products for a perfect fit with their sites and offer a level of integration and coordination second to none.

Our Customers

Health & Wellness Practices and Centers

Our customers are health & wellness centers employing at least five staff clinicians; clinics & wellness centers with annual billings not exceeding $3M; large multi-provider practices, privately held and independent; multi-service private practices offering services in health and wellness, such as life coaching, allied treatments, chiropractic, spas, and more.

More about our partners

We work in close cooperation with our technical partners at Vultr, who are supported by some of the best-known names in the information technology industry, such as QTS, Telia, Level3, Equinix, Digital Realty and more. Our combined teams offer the best opportunity for health & wellness professionals to upgrade their facilities, their services, and their bottom line.

More about our team

Our management team includes professionals with years of combined experience in managing counseling centers, private practices, and mental health organizations. They combine this focus with over two decades of web design, web hosting, and web applications. It is a rare combination of talents, and it will benefit greatly your entire organization.