Linux Servers for Healthcare in HIPAA-compliant Datacenters

For large private practices and small-medium clinical centers

When you work with My Clinical Server, you’re at the cutting edge of technology. You’re free to focus on your business while we provide state-of-the-heart security and compliance, 100% uptime, and support that meets your business needs.

Choose the HIPAA-compliant Los Angeles datacenter if your business is located west of the Rockies, or the HIPAA-compliant Miami datacenter if you are located in the eastern part of the United States.

An intelligent balance of performance, security and compliance

Highly responsive and available, Linux servers can quickly scale to handle a growing business without a loss of performance. Security is our top priority, ensuring that your healthcare data is as safe as possible. Custom configurations are available upon request – just let us know your needs!

Uninterrupted monitoring and 24×7 support are included, so you can focus on your business while we keep a close eye on all critical and non-critical systems in our infrastructure.

Physical Security

A skilled team of IT security experts manage the security and compliance services that protect applications and sensitive data

Fully Certified Datacenters

Access Controls

Datacenter access controls ensure that only authorized personnel required to support the environment and network infrastructure are allowed access to your systems.

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 24/7/365 staffed datacenter
  • ISO-compliant configuration & inventory management (CMDB)

Network security

Next Generation Firewalls

Network firewalls are our first line of defense against security threats, improving our ability to control traffic, applications, and users. Expert engineers work to implement and monitor firewall rules and policies that permit or deny network traffic based on security, compliance, and business needs.

  • Industry-leading firewalls
  • Integrated IDS/IPS, AV/malware & URL filtering
  • High performance datacenter architecture
  • Physical and virtual redundant options
  • Token-based and MFA authentication options

Nework Security

We offer much more than general support questions and maintenance. We also address much more complex issues, such as advanced firewall configurations and 24x7x365 system monitoring

Data Protection

HIPAA compliance is required by all organizations who store Patient Health Information (PHI). Our hosting plans fit your business needs and incorporate the most effective security measures.

Data protection

Data Encryption

Data encryption services ensure your data is protected no matter where it is processed or stored. Data at rest encryption on all storage (hardware-based, AES 256-bit). Centralized access control, granular auditing, and encryption key management for customers. Encryption of data at rest & in transit. Hardware, file, and image-level backup and DR.

File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitors changes to registry settings, folders and files in real-time to alert for unauthorized or suspicious changes. A dashboard offers visibility into all changes, who performed the action, and what can be done to restore the files if a modification was unauthorized.

Malware Protection

Malware protection keeps systems, applications, and data secure from ever changing threats. Advanced anti-virus and anti-malware solutions detect and remove malware, viruses, spyware and Trojans in real-time to safeguard  infrastructure and data from malicious activity.

Trust, validation, compliance and assistance

If you want to ensure the best protection for your PHI data, do not hesitate to contact us

Continuous DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is right for you if you work in healthcare, you cannot afford downtime, you need to be protected from upstream attacks, and you want 24x7x365 monitoring

Continuous DDoS protection

Why DDoS Protection?

DDoS attacks may occur frequently and be very complex. We take a proactive stance to safeguard your organization and handle mission-critical, compliant workloads.

DDoS Protection & Mitigation

DPM will proactively stop traffic from the attacker and leave your legitimate traffic to flow unhindered, safeguarding against malicious traffic.

Daily redundant backups

What can you expect in data backup?

Regular (better if daily) backups – or replicating your data to a geographically distinct location – are nowadays accepted practice, and are designed to maintain high data availability. In the very unlikely event of fire or flood, we can restore your system instantly with a complete backup of your data.

My Clinical Server also utilizes system-based snapshots to capture the most recent configuration and disk data. Snapshots are available and can be restored with a single click.

Redundant Backups

Backups are the antidote to worry about data loss. We back your entire server up, every day, 365 times per year.